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If you Own a 4×4 and You Love Camping, the Fridge Slider Accessory is a Must Have

Who doesn’t love camping? The great outdoors, the smell of the fresh mountain air, the wind through your hair (unless your bald like me, in which case its just…the wind), the late nights spent around a campfire swapping stories, eating great food, drinking cold beer and pointing out your favourite constellations. 

Wait…drinking cold beer? Not always possible when you’re camping. Sure, you might be able to keep them cool for the first evening with your cool box, but that won’t last long. What if, there was a way for you to keep all of your beer and (some of your groceries) cold, all of the time with a built-in fridge for your 4×4? 

In this post we’re going to explore 4×4 fridge slides and the benefits of having them installed before your next camping holiday. 

They’re Incredibly Cool! 

Yep, that’s right! Every time you pull your fridge slide out, all of your friends and family are going to remind you about how cool it is! But it’s not just cool in the incredibly awesome sense, it’s cool because…well, it’s a fridge. 

Extra Convenience 

Having a built-in fridge is simply convenient. You can bring plenty of food and keep it stored at the correct temperature so that you can enjoy plenty of healthy and nutritious meals when you’re camping with your family and friends. It’s much more convenient than a regular cool box and it allows you to store food that you don’t finish, rather than having to waste it. 

Camp in Style with Quality Food 

Camping offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy food cooked over an open fire. The flavours are delicious, and having a fridge allows you to bring all manner of food with you. This means that you can sit down with your family and prepare a proper dinner, instead of having a few tins of beans and some marshmallows. 

They Slide Out for Easy Access 

The 4×4 fridge slides is probably a bit of a giveaway, but yes, the fridge will indeed slide out. They are sturdy and precise, so you won’t have to reach into your car awkwardly to get your food and beverages out of the fridge. Instead your fridge will conveniently slide out of the car, allowing instant and easy access to everything that you need. 

You’ll Be a Happy Camper (and everyone’s favourite) 

Most people are terribly disorganised when it comes to outdoor activities. There’s always someone who forgets to bring a towel and didn’t bother to check whether or not that had enough tent pegs to put it up properly, – it’s just one of those things. 

The beauty in having such a handy accessory for your 4×4 is that you’ll be able to stock up on plenty of supplies. There’s no finer feeling in settling into your spot and knowing that you have absolutely everything that you need (including plenty of extra treats) 

You’ll be everyone’s favourite camper when you create a bit of room in the fridge to store a bottle or wine or two (or twelve). Simply put, the 4×4 fridge slider is the perfect, must have addition to your camping equipment repertoire.

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